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Our Lab orders and tracking module assists the office in tracking the various labs that the physician has ordered for patients during the visit. With this module, physician can order the labs directly in the Visit Notes while they are in the exam room with the patient so there is no longer any need to complete any paper order forms. You can print ABNs and any other paper forms required by the lab inside of our application.

Physicians could select which test they would want the lab to perform as well as select which labs they want to use (if they use more than one lab) and the request can be printed out for the patient, fax to the labs or sent electronically via HL-7 interface to the labs. The “Link With” feature in the EMR feature Template can also trigger the Lab orders.

Once requested, the orders can be tracked from the Lab Orders / Tracking module. Users can view what specific labs tests were ordered and when it was ordered. It also tracks the progress of the orders by indicating the number of days that the labs have been sent.

We support HL7 interfaces to transfer diagnostic/lab orders electronically. Customized templates, pre-printed order forms, and print or fax orders are also handled with ease.


  • Easily track diagnostic/lab orders
  • Send or receive diagnostic/lab orders electronically
  • Conduct pre-import checks
  • View comparative and graphical representation of lab date